Sacramento Lawyers - Traffic Attorneys

If you have been cited in the Sacramento or surrounding areas with: speeding, reckless driving, running a red light, running a stop sign, driving without a license, improper passing, improper U-turn, exhibition of speed, racing or speed contest, call the Sacramento attorneys at the Law Firm of Bonilla & Cintean, LLP.

As former prosecutors in the Sacramento DA's office, the attorneys have handled thousands of traffic cases and have conducted more than one hundred traffic court trials.

Moving violations typically lead to points on your driver's license, which translate to higher insurance rates. If you have too many points your license will be suspended or revoked.

What can a Sacramento traffic lawyer do for you?

In a speeding violation, a traffic attorney may be able to challenge the legitimacy and justification for the posted speed limit.

If convicted, our Sacramento attorneys request that you attend traffic school. Many courts don't want to send you to traffic school if you lose, but it's your right.

Challenge a red light photo ticket.

In case of multiple violations or one violation carrying multiple points, we negotiate with the district attorney and try to convince the judge to reduce charges and minimize the amount of points on your driving record.

In cases charged as misdemeanors, your Sacramento lawyer will negotiate with the court and the district attorney to reduce the charges to infractions. This way, you avoid any possible jail time and a misdemeanor charge on your criminal record.

The Sacramento Attorneys of the Law firm Bonilla & Cintean LLP, are here to help when you are faced with criminal charges. The two Sacramento Lawyers know how to fight for your rights and negotiate with prosecutors to obtain the best possible result, whether it is for Sacramento criminal defense, Sacramento DUI Defense, Sacramento expungement, or as a Sacramento drug lawyer. Consultations with these Sacramento attorneys are free and are available 24 hours per day.