Child Endangerment

Child endangerment charges are brought in situations where a person intentionally placed a child in a situation where the child may suffer mental or physical pain or the accused person allows another to put a child in a dangerous situation. This charge may be filed in situations where children were found to have access to illegal substances, children were present in a car when the accused drover drunk, or children were present in a dirty house where in the opinion of law enforcement the living conditions could harm the children. Most often the Child Protective Services (CPS) agency also starts an investigation which runs parallel to the criminal justice system. A conviction for child endangerment can have serious consequences that can last a lifetime. Besides spending time in jail a person convicted of this crime can also end up losing parental rights temporarily or permanently. Additionally because of detailed background checks conducted by employers a person with a child endangerment conviction may lose any future prospects of being employed around children.

Our attorneys understand the difficult situations that may lead to child endangerment charges and can guide you through the criminal justice system. If you have been contacted by a police officer or CPS worker call us immediately to ensure your rights are protected. Consultations with an attorney know is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of child endangerment are always confidential and free.