Child Abuse

There are many complex legal issues that fall under the California Penal Code surrounding charges of child abuse. An accusation of child abuse can have drastic consequences resulting in lengthy sentences and in sex related cases, having to register as a sex offender for the remainder of one’s life. A person convicted of sexual child abuse or molestation can also be tracked by a GPS device to ensure compliance with the court’s sentence conditions.

There are many situations which may lead to charges of child abuse. The most stigmatized charges are those of sexual child abuse or molestation. The simple accusation of molestation can mar a person’s life often destroying families and leading to a loss of employment and professional career perspective. Rebuilding one’s life may prove very difficult. Our lawyers can help by providing the best possible representation in court.

Child abuse charges can also stem from non-sexual conduct that causes injury or harm to the child. Depending on the circumstances of the case, some child abuse charges may be filed as misdemeanors while others as felonies. A minor injury to a child such as pushing, non-violent shaking, or throwing an object at a child can easily bring up child abuse charges. Physical discipline such as spanking the child is usually excluded, as parents have a right to reasonably discipline a child. Some zealous police officers and prosecutors however still choose to bring child abuse criminal charges in cases where the parent used reasonable physical discipline. If you have been arrested or cited after physically disciplining your child, call our lawyers today to start preparing a vigorous defense.

Prior Convictions for Child Abuse

The law in the state of California has long held that past bad acts and convictions of a person should not be used as evidence against them in a new case so as to not prejudice the case. The law however makes an exception in child abuse cases. Prior accusations, not just convictions, can be admitted as evidence if these prior incidents involve corporal injury or punishment of a child.