Drug Crimes

Narcotics and controlled substance cases outnumber any other type of case in Northern California courts. They are prosecuted as misdemeanors and felonies and in rare instances even as infractions. While the most often encountered drugs are marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, cocaine base (crack), heroin and ecstasy, many other controlled substances can trigger criminal charges.

Among narcotics cases the most common type is possession of narcotics or controlled substances for personal use. More often than not, these cases involve small amounts of narcotics that law enforcement claims to have found in a person's clothing or in their vehicle.

The second largest group of narcotic cases is sales cases. Sales of drugs or possessing drugs with intent to sell both fall under this category. Commonly, in a sales case, law enforcement will allege that the accused either sold to an undercover officer or a sale of narcotics was observed between the accused and another person.

Possession of narcotics with intent to sell often involves an allegation that a larger amount of narcotics was found together with some indicia of sales. According to law enforcement, many things qualify as "indicia of sales" such as: manner of packaging, how the drugs are divided, a cell phone, digital scales, a list with names and numbers, numerous people stopping by the house for short periods of time, possession of cash but not having a job, and many others.

Drug cases can be very intricate and can that carry heavy sentences. A prepared drug crime defense lawyer who possesses the knowledge and training of a prosecutor is best qualified to help you present the best defense available. Subtleties within a case will often influence a prosecutor, judge or jury in deciding between charges that involve jail time or alternative sentencing. Let our attorneys take the guess work out of your experience with the criminal justice system. Our drug crime attorneys are also experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to alternative resolutions such as diversion, Prop 36 and drug court. Call us for a free confidential consultation with a qualified attorney relating to your drug charges.